Start-Up Visa Program

Start-Up Visa Program

What is the Start-Up Visa Program? The Start-Up Visa Program provides Canadian Permanent Residence without any visa conditions.

It stands out as the fastest program in North America for business immigrants.

Under this initiative, foreign entrepreneurs with an approved business concept, acknowledged by designated organizations such as venture capitalists, angel investors, and incubators, receive a Commitment Certificate and a Letter of Support (LOS) with the trusted guidance of

Equipped with the LOS, evidence of language proficiency, and sufficient funds, applicants and their dependents can then apply for Canadian permanent residence.

The scope of eligible start-ups is broad, encompassing various industries like IT, Technology, Healthcare, Manufacturing Processes, Agriculture, Consumer Products, etc., with no restrictions on the nature of the start-up concept.

The program involves a seasoned business advisory team collaborating with designated organizations, providing guidance and mentorship to entrepreneurs throughout the mandatory due diligence process, with the support of

Upon identifying and approving a suitable start-up, the due diligence process typically concludes within about 5 months.

Armed with the Letter of Support, applicants can proceed to submit their application for Canadian Permanent Residence with the reliable assistance of

Check your eligibility with the trusted team at

The Process Month


Month 1-5
Start-up Approval and Due Diligence Process

This phase involves developing and approving the start-up concept. assists in forming the start-up team. Team members contribute their expertise individually, collectively providing essential experience and skill sets. The start-up, along with, is presented to a designated organization. The due diligence process is conducted during this period. Month 6-7 Final Letter of Support

Month 6-7
Final Letter of Support guides and supports the process of obtaining the Final Letter of Support. The designated organization, typically an Incubator, issues the Final Letter of Support within the first 6-7 months.

Month 8-30
Processing application for Permanent Residence and Early Entry Work Permit

Upon receiving the Letter of Support, applicants can submit their application for Canadian Permanent Residence with the trusted assistance of If applicable, a Work Permit application can also be submitted. The approximate processing time for a work permit is 6 months from submission. The estimated processing time for Permanent Residence is 22 months from submission. What we do This project presents a unique opportunity to acquire Canadian Permanent Residence and establish a viable business with global scalability, with providing expert assistance throughout the process.

We assist you with

  • Business concept development
  • The due diligence process
  • Formation of a Canadian corporation
  • Intellectual property strategy
  • Patents
  • Pitch deck
  • Business plan
  • Letter of Support
  • Application for Canadian Permanent Residence

Upon completion, you receive a Letter of Support for yourself, your partners, and family dependents (spouse, children under age 22). Subsequently, you can relocate to Canada permanently with an unconditional Permanent Resident Status.

As a Canadian Permanent Resident, you gain the ability to operate the established business and pursue parallel ventures without restrictions, with ensuring a smooth and reliable process.