How to get selected in express entry?

How to get selected in express entry?

If you hold any of the following job titles, you may have been invited to Canada:

If you believe your score in the Express Entry pool is low and therefore assume you won't be invited, you may be mistaken. Draw results have shown many instances where invitations were issued below the average score. The selection process is based on Canada's current needs and future projections. Here are the occupations that Canada prioritized for invitations after the pandemic:

  1. Senior government managers and officials – (NOC) 00011
  2. Senior managers – financial, communications, and other business services – (NOC) 00012
  3. Senior managers – health, education, social and community services, and membership organizations – (NOC) 00013
  4. Senior managers – trade, broadcasting, and other services – (NOC) 00014
  5. Senior managers – construction, transportation, production, and utilities – (NOC) 00015
  6. Financial managers – (NOC) 10010
  7. Human resources managers – (NOC) 10011
  8. Purchasing managers – (NOC) 10012
  9. Other administrative services managers – (NOC) 10019
  10. Insurance, real estate, and financial brokerage managers – (NOC) 10020
  11. Banking, credit, and other investment managers – (NOC) 10021
  12. Advertising, marketing, and public relations managers – (NOC) 10022
  13. Other business services managers – (NOC) 10029
  14. Telecommunication carriers managers – (NOC) 10030
  15. Financial auditors and accountants – (NOC) 11100
  16. Financial and investment analysts – (NOC) 11101
  17. Financial advisors – (NOC) 11102
  18. Other financial officers – (NOC) 11109
  19. Human resources professionals – (NOC) 11200
  20. Professional occupations in business management consulting – (NOC) 11201

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and there are additional occupations that Canada may prioritize for immigration. If you wish to explore your eligibility further or require more information, you can visit

The first step to come to Canada is to put yourself in the pool of express entry,  to do this you need official language test such as CELPIP or ILETS.

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