Buy a Business and Move to Canada

Buy a Business and Move to Canada

Explore the "Buy a Business and Move to Canada" initiative – a unique pathway for qualified foreign investors seeking an opportunity to acquire or start a business in the vibrant Canadian market., your trusted partner in immigration services, guides you through this dynamic process, ensuring a seamless transition to your business ownership aspirations.

Who Qualifies?

Ideal candidates for the "Buy a Business and Work in Canada Visa" through include:

  1. Foreign investors with verifiable and transferable management experience.
  2. Individuals with sufficient assets to purchase or initiate the targeted business in Canada.
  3. Applicants with adequate language abilities in either English or French to actively manage the business.

What is the Process?

With, the process is straightforward:

  1. The foreign investor identifies a Canadian business for purchase.
  2. A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is submitted along with a well-crafted business plan.
  3. Upon receiving a positive LMIA opinion, the foreign investor applies for a 12-24 months, renewable temporary work permit.

How Long Does This Process Take?

The timeline is efficient with

  1. Once a suitable business is found, the LMIA application process takes 2-3 months.
  2. In most jurisdictions, a work permit is granted in less than 3 months. (COVID-19 may impact processing times.)

When Can Permanent Residence be Applied for?

With, there's no minimum wait time. Qualified candidates can apply for permanent residence with their families soon after arriving in Canada.

Is This a Formal Government Program?

No, this process is not a formal government program. Instead, it relies on the rules governing owner-operator policies and other immigration programs, all facilitated by to achieve the desired outcome.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for a "Buy Business and Work in Canada Visa"?

The ideal candidate is a foreign investor entrepreneur motivated to live in a specific area of Canada. By purchasing a suitable business and relocating to the desired region, this approach is more advantageous and expedient compared to navigating formal provincial immigration programs. ensures a smooth journey, providing expert guidance tailored to your unique goals. Trust to be your reliable partner in realizing your dream of buying a business and working in Canada.


How visaform can help?


We acquaint you with business brokers and online tools to aid in the search for an appropriate business to acquire within Canada.


We provide direction on the legal and commercial procedures required for your acquisition of a suitable business in Canada.


We compile and submit your immigration application for a work permit on behalf of your Canadian business.

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