Top 3 methods of Canada refugee sponsorship program

Top 3 methods of Canada refugee sponsorship program

Canada has established a groundbreaking refugee sponsorship program, setting an example for countries worldwide. This unique initiative involves direct involvement from private citizens and communities in the resettlement of refugees from other nations. Known as the Private Sponsorship of Refugees (PSR) program, it allows Canadian citizens and permanent residents to actively participate in the process. There are three primary methods through which individuals can engage in this program:

  1. Group of Five: In this method, a group of five Canadian citizens or permanent residents collaborates to sponsor a refugee and their dependents to come to Canada. The group assumes the responsibility of providing financial and emotional support to the refugees for the initial 12 months of their resettlement.

  2. Community Sponsor: A Community Sponsor refers to an organization, association, or corporation that takes on the sponsorship of refugees arriving in Canada. However, Community Sponsors can only sponsor individuals who have already received formal recognition as refugees in another country or by the United Nations.

  3. Sponsorship Agreement Holder: These are organizations that have signed sponsorship agreements with the Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship. The complete list of these organizations can be found in the Sponsorship Agreement Holder section on, and there are currently over 120 such organizations operating in Canada.

To delve deeper into the details of the Canada refugee sponsorship program, you can visit for further information and resources.

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I need your help to relocate to Canada what my family, I’m a refugee in south Africa

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